How to Make Tassels

How to Make Tassels Like a Pro Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Make Tassels

Any DIY project, whether it be an item of clothing, a bag, or home décor, may benefit from the joy and simplicity of adding tassels.

Tassels are an easy and inexpensive way to add your unique style to your possessions. We’ll walk you through the sewing materials you’ll need and the process of making tassels in this guide.

Tassel Making Supplies

  • Yarn, thread, or ribbon in the colour and thickness of your choice
  • A tassel maker or a piece of cardboard, book, or other objects to wrap the material around
  • Scissors
  • A ruler or measuring tape
  • Optional: beads, charms, or other embellishments to add to the tassel

How to Make Tassels Step by Step 

Step 1: Cut a piece of cardboard to the length you want for the tassel. Another option is to utilise a tassel maker, a device made exclusively for creating tassels.

Step 2: The cardboard or tassel maker should be wrapped in a piece of yarn that has been cut. Make certain that the end has enough length to make a knot.

Step 3: The top of the looped yarn is secured together by tying a knot with a second length of yarn that has been cut.

Step 4: Off the cardboard or tassel maker, slide the looped yarn.

Step 5: With a few inches remaining at the top, cut another length of yarn and wrap it around the looped yarn. Wrap firmly and tie a knot at the top to keep in place.

Step 6: To make the tassel strands, cut the yarn that is looped at the bottom.

Step 7: To make the tassel even, trim the bottom.

Step 8: For more tassels, just repeat steps 2 through 7.

I’m done now! You can create your own tassels in any colour or design with these straightforward techniques.

How to Make Tassels Crochet

  • You’ll need yarn and a crochet hook to construct a tassel.
  • Start by making a chain of 8–10 crochet stitches.
  • Chain one more before turning.
  • Double-crochet every chain across, starting with the second chain from the hook.
  • Until the tassel is the right length, repeat this row.
  • Trim the yarn, then weave the ends in.
  • Create the hanging loop by cutting a second length of yarn and tying it around the top of the tassel.

How to Make Tassels on a Scarf

  • You’ll need yarn, a crochet hook, or a tapestry needle to make tassels for a scarf.
  • Cut many yarn pieces that are 8 to 10 inches long.
  • Each length should be folded in half before being threaded through a stitch at the scarf’s end with a crochet hook or tapestry needle.
  • Next, make a knot by threading the yarn’s ends through the loop and pulling them tight.
  • Continue doing this until the scarf’s ends are finished with tassels.

How to Make a Fancy Tassel

  • You may use a variety of supplies, including ribbons, beads, embroidery thread, or other items to produce a stylish tassel.
  • To create the necessary length for the tassel, cut a piece of cardboard. Several times, wrap the cardboard with the material of your choice.
  • The hanging loop is made by sliding the wrapped material off the cardboard and tying a length of thread around the top of the tassel.
  • To make the strands for the tassels, cut the bottom loops. Before tying the top loop, thread beads onto the strands.

How to Make Tassels with Thread

  • You’ll need a piece of cardboard, embroidery floss, or thread to construct thread tassels.
  • The cardboard should be cut to the required tassel length.
  • The hanging loop is made by wrapping the thread around the cardboard multiple times and tying a length of thread around the top.
  • To make the strands for the tassels, cut the bottom loops.

How to Make Tassels Knitting

  • You’ll need yarn and a knitting needle to produce tassels in knitting.
  • Knit a few rows after casting on multiple stitches.
  • Trim the yarn, then weave the ends in.
  • Then, cut a number of yarn lengths that are 8 to 10 inches long.
  • Each length should be folded in half before being threaded through the last knitting stitch with a crochet hook or tapestry needle.
  • Next, make a knot by threading the yarn’s ends through the loop and pulling them tight. Continue doing this until all of the knitting’s ends have tassels.

How to Make Large Tassels

Step 1: Use thicker or more material to wrap around the cardboard or tassel maker to create bigger tassels.

step 2: To produce the loop, you may either use a larger piece of cardboard or a tassel maker.

step 3: To produce the tassel strands, cut the bottom loops and trim them to make them even.

 Useful Tips

  • Choose the best resources for your project.
  • Pick the right instrument or tassel maker.
  • The tassel maker should be securely wrapped in the material.
  • To make the strands for the tassel, equally, slice the loops.
  • To make the hanging loop, securely tie the tassel’s top.
  • Make the tassel strands even by trimming them.
  • Try experimenting with various fabrics, hues, and textures to produce distinctive tassels.
  • Continue practising and perfecting your skills since practice makes perfect.

How should a tassel be attached to fabric?

A needle that has been threaded with matching thread, with the end knotted, should be inserted into the cloth from the back. This is the best technique to sew a tassel onto fabric. Then pass the needle back down through the cloth and through the loop at the top of the tassel. Make sure the tassel is firmly connected by repeating this step a few times. Finish by tying a knot on the fabric’s reverse.

How can I ensure that my project’s tassel is in the centre?

Measure the width of your cloth and mark the centre with a pin or a chalk line to ensure that the tassel is centred on your product. After that, centre the tassel and stitch it on from there.

Can I attach a tassel using glue?

You can secure a tassel to cloth with fabric glue or a hot glue gun, yes. The way that is typically more reliable and long-lasting is to sew the tassel on.

How do I attach a tassel to a knitted or crocheted item?

You may attach a tassel to a knitted or crocheted item by sewing it on using a yarn needle and matching yarn. To attach the tassel to the project, thread the needle through the back of it, through the loop at the top of the tassel, and back down many times. On the rear of the project, tie off the yarn.

How can I use a tassel maker to create a tassel?

To make the tassel strands, wrap the yarn or thread around the tassel maker as directed, knot the top securely then cut the bottom loops.


Finally, creating tassels may be a creative and enjoyable method to give a finishing touch to a variety of tasks. Making tassels in various sizes, shapes, and colours to suit your tastes and style is simple with the correct supplies and equipment.

You may make lovely tassels by utilising the proper materials, wrapping the material firmly, and experimenting with various materials. By doing so, you’ll be able to add a distinctive and fashionable touch to your crafts, accessories, or home décor.

Therefore, manufacturing tassels is an easy and entertaining DIY project that everyone can undertake, regardless of their level of craftiness.

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