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Sewing Machine Accessories | Upgrade Your Sewing Experience with Quality Sewing Tools 2023

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Sewing Machine Accessories

Sewing accessories are a must-have for any sewing project. These pieces of equipment will help you maintain the quality of your work and keep it running smoothly. For example, when one goes to purchase a new sewing machine, they should also invest in the appropriate accessories that they need.

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This accessory is worth buying because they store thread nicely on top of your sewing table or desk; although it may seem like an unnecessary item trust us when we say you’ll thank yourself later for having one.

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sewing machine accessories Sewing KIT

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This is the most important sewing machine accessory. You need to have all your tools in one place so they are easy to find when you need them and it makes you feel good when they look nice!

  • Never struggle to find a thread, needle, or a scissor – all tools are organized in a small kit
  • No more poking around a tiny matchbox-sized case with loose needles stabbing
  • Never worry about finding a tailor for small repairs – could be really difficult when you are traveling
  • Basic craft or embroidery work is easy even while traveling

Lamp with Magnifying Glass

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If you’re sewing very detailed work, a lamp with a magnifying glass will make your life much easier. You can pick one up from Amazon and it makes stitching so much simpler!

the Brightest Light View Pro Flex 2 in-1 has a 13.5″ adjustable, flexible gooseneck, so you can point the glass and light where you want and free both your hands.

The heavy base or strong clamp ensures the light doesn’t tip so you can enjoy comfort with close work. Review: “Solid and heavy, this base is more than enough to keep the lamp stable in any position it is set to.”

Cutting Tools For Sewing

There are many tools that can be used to cut thread or fabric, but the three most common are scissors, shears, and rotary cutters.

A pair of sharp sewing scissors is a must-have for any sewer. A good pair will typically have an ergonomically designed handle with finger indentations that fit snuggly into your hands so you feel comfortable when cutting through layers of material.

Electric Fabric Scissors

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Electric Fabric Scissors are one of the sewing accessories that you need to have in your home.

This particular accessory is a must-have for quilters and other people who love creating their own projects.

The Electric Fabric Scissors are made with stainless steel blades, which means that they will not rust or become dull after extended use


Screenshot 2021 10 22 221309

A good pair of sewing shears will last a lifetime and is well worth the investment.

Look for scissors that are lightweight, comfortable to hold, and have blades with serrated edges like those found on disposable razors which help prevent the fabric from fraying as you cut through it.

A broken-in feel means they’ll be easier to use for a longer period of time.

Thread cutter

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These knife-edge nippers can be used for snipping threads yarns and multiple layers of fabric in sewing crafts and needle arts.

These scissors are hot forged and made of double-plated chrome. Measure 4-1/2.

Rotary cutters

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Rotary cutters are perfect for cutting long strips of fabric like ribbons, bias binding, and trims because they can make straight cuts easily without having to turn the fabric around.

They also come with protective shields on either end that act as a guide while you hold the rotary cutter at an angle against your sewing project.

A paper-cutting machine is an ideal tool for any project that requires the use of straight cuts such as quilt patchwork, appliques, and embroidery projects.

They can also be used to cut thin strips off fabric if you don’t want to waste thread by using scissors or shears which are made specifically for cutting thread.

Heavy Duty Fabric Tailor Scissors

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Heavy-duty professional scissors are wonderful to use in every tailoring need like dressmaking, and suit making, and make excellent, sewing shears, fabric shears, and tailoring shears that can handle the toughest of fabrics.

the items that you will need to have on hand in order to successfully complete any sewing project.

The sewing Table

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Sewing Table – Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

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Are you using a standard table with your sewing machine? The Comet Sewing Table by Studio Designs is an affordable and stylish upgrade for your sewing projects.

It has the same functionality as the Eclipse Hobby Sewing Center, but with a lightweight design to easily transport it from room to room.

The drop-down platform allows you to align your sewing machine base height to the tabletop height, allowing the fabric to glide smoothly across the top. The bottom shelf can hold bins and boxes of supplies.

Sewing Chair

Screenshot 2021 10 22 233412

The HON Company promises to repair or replace any basyx by HON product or component

that is found to be defective in material or workmanship within five (5) years from the date of original purchase so long as you, the original purchaser, still owns it.

Backed by the basyx by HON 5-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty. The chair is warranted for users up to 250 lbs.


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make sure you are using one! They aren’t just there to protect your finger, they help guide your needle into place.

Dritz Soft Comfort Thimble is a soft, comfortable thimble that features a hard tip to prevent needle penetration.

Dimples on the tip help prevent slipping and sliding of the needle. The remaining thimble surface is a soft, comfortable plastic with large openings on the back to allow the finger to breathe. Green, Size Medium


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you can buy them in a box that dispenses or just have some laying around too. They are great when it comes to sewing on buttons

pinning fabric together before stitching, and even holding patterns down while cutting out.

  • Set of 500 dressmaker pins, also known as Silk pins
  • Used to hold the fabric together before sewing, and for DIY crafts and beading
  • Size 17 – 1 1/16 inch
  • Made of nickel-plated steel for strength and rust resistance
  • Silver color allows for visibility while not overwhelming the overall project

Sewing Gauge

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this is a ruler but with little markings along the sides to help you know where your seam allowance is.

Keep your work accurate with this versatile gauge.

The sliding measure sets the distance for marking hems, tucks, pleats, and buttonholes.

Measuring Tape

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there are some that come in a sewing box too, just make sure it’s not one of those wide ones for measuring around the house because they won’t work!

  • 96-inch, flexible, and durable vinyl tape measure
  • Used for measuring flat and rounded surfaces, perfect for a tailor’s sewing kit
  • Black print on yellow tape


Screenshot 2021 10 22 235656

Bobbins are available in different sizes and materials, including metal or plastic.

Plastic bobbins tend to be less pricey than their counterparts made of steel or other metals, but they also tend to break more easily.

It is always recommended that you keep a backup or two on hand in case your bobbin becomes damaged and unusable.


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We recommend topstitching thread since it’s stronger and has less lint than other types. It also comes in many colors too!

New bro thread is a very professional Manufacturer and Supplier of all machine and hand Embroidery & Sewing Supplies Since 1988.

We owned TOP high-quality machines including Twisting machines with Italian technology and Winding machines with German technology to supply our Embroidery & Sewing Threads in high quality.

Pins Cushion

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A pins cushion is a simple and useful sewing accessory. It will ensure that pins come out smoothly when you need them, and also prevent pinpricks on your fingers if they get away from you!

Quilt Pins: Quilting is the art of making many small pieces into an amazing blanket or wall hanging for decoration.

These pins are great for quilting and will not break through the fabric, making them stronger than many pins.

Finger Protector

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Protect your fingers while sewing with these simple little finger protectors.

They are perfect for protecting your fingers from pinpricks and needle pokes

you don’t have to stop sewing every time they happen!

Marking Pencils or Chalk

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Mark off your cutting line on the fabric, especially when using pins or rotary cutters.

Fons & Porter Mechanical Fabric Pencil with White Lead is a fine lead mechanical pencil that washes out. Features a soft grip for added comfort.

Strong ceramic 0.9mm white lead is specially formulated for fabric and made from water-soluble dyes.

Seam Ripper

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Seam Rippers come in different shapes and sizes which makes

it easy to find one that will work for you whether extra long or small, thin or curved.

Most seam rippers come with a protective cap to keep the blades sharp and protect your fingers from accidents.

Spool Huggers

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Spool Huggers are a must-have for any sewing machine. They help keep your spool of thread in place while you sew, preventing it from snagging on your machine, which can lead to breakage.

There are even some sewing machines that come with their own spool holders, but these don’t always work the best, so if you’re able to find a spool holder that can go on your machine for free—take it!

Spool Huggers help keep your spool in place while you sew.

They prevent the thread from snagging

Steam Iron

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The first thing that every sewer needs are an ironing board and/or a steam press. Ironing out fabric before sewing makes it easier to manage, reduces the risk of stitching errors, and allows you to get beautiful results on your finished project!

Look for an adjustable board (height-wise) so you can use it while standing or sitting down at a table.

And if you can find one with a built-in steam press (or handheld steamer) it will make the ironing process even easier!

Ironing Board

Screenshot 2021 10 23 032830

The Laurastar Prestige Ironing Board has a streamlined design and strong features. Perfectly in tune with your everyday ironing requirements. A robust sturdy table with an elegant modern look has been designed for easy use.

  • Safe, secure closing system; Provides impeccable wrinkle-free results; Ergonomic board can be adjusted to 7 different heights for absolute comfort while ironing
  • Includes a large wire folding shelf and a Laurastar Blue board cover
  • Features a universal iron rest for all types of steam-generating ironing systems

Clothes Steamer

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This is another must-have sewing accessory that I use every day; an iron holder and cleaner. If your sewing space doesn’t have enough room for an ironing board, you can achieve the same result by using your sewing machine’s free arm to press fabric.

To do this successfully though, it needs to be placed on a sturdy surface that will prevent it from scooting around while you’re working (and protect your floor).

I like having my own stand just for my steam cleaner

Accessories list for Embroidery and Quilting

Extension Arms for Sewing Machines

While they can be clunky to use, these are very useful when you need extra reach.

Special Quilting Feet

Screenshot 2021 10 23 003222

Quilting feet are designed to help quilt stitches sew faster and more accurately.

The special design of the foot helps keep the stitching straight,

while also moving smoothly over uneven surfaces that can slow down sewing.

You’ll find this type of accessory useful for heirloom sewing projects including

creating baby blankets or bedding sets because it produces a very steady, even stitch.

Spool Stands

Screenshot 2021 10 23 003443

The spool stands that come with your sewing machine is likely just the bare minimum. The more you sew, the quicker it will become a hassle to switch out the thread and get new bobbins while stitching on projects. Buy several stands in varying sizes for different-sized threads and types of bobbin winding (lazy kate).

  • Ideal for Conical Spools which have cross-wound threads – helps the thread unravel from the top
  • Tall metallic guide to help feed above the machine height – a design that makes the feed effortless
  •  Easy to assemble and disassemble
  •  Ideal for machines with horizontal thread holders
  •  The use of superior quality materials ensures a way longer life and consistently good performance

Sewing Clips

Screenshot 2021 10 23 004350

Sewing Clips are used to hold the fabric layers in place while sewing, especially when stitching seams.

Clip sets are available with different numbers of clips for holding larger or smaller pieces of cloth together. They can be opened and closed by hand without using any tools.

Now you should have a good understanding of sewing accessories.

There are other items to consider, but this list will get you started on your project!

Accessories for Embroidery and Quilting

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  • Extension Arms
  • Electric Cutters
  • Special Quilting Feet
  • Spool Stands
  • Lamp with Magnifying Glass
  • Sewing Clips

Sewing Machine Accessories List

  • Measure  Accessories For Sewing
  • Basic Sewing Tools
  • Sewing Machine Maintenance Tools
  • Cutting Tools For Sewing
  • Extra Accessories
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Pins
  • Seam Ripper
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ironing Board + Iron
  • Spool Huggers
  • Thimbles

sewing machine accessories and their uses can make stitching projects easier and more enjoyable.

This accessory is worth buying because they store your thread nicely on top of your sewing table or desk. They come in different sizes and types which makes it worth buying one package of each size because they work better with certain fabrics than others.

Measure Accessories For Sewing Machine

The first accessories you should consider purchasing are sewing machine measuring tools. You will want to have a tailor’s tape for measuring, which is different from the measuring tapes in your home toolbox because it has metric measurements instead of inches.

Measuring tapes can be long or short depending on what type of sewing project you are doing and where the seam is located. For example, a dressmaker’s weighted tape is longer than a normal sewing machine measuring tape for taking accurate waist measurements while you are fitting a dress.

Sewing Machine Maintenance Tools

There are a lot of things that can affect its performance like rusting or even visible dirt on the surface.

The good news for this is there’s no special tool needed to clean it up; just use soap, water, and paper towels. Make sure you do not damage any electrical wiring while cleaning it because it could cause short circuits inside the device which would be dangerous in some cases.

Sewing Extra Accessories

Sewing machine accessories singer and sewing machine accessories brother are not only useful, but they also help keep your sewing project running smoothly. Along with the basic necessities. there are several items that will aid in getting the most out of your stitching time!

Frequently asked questions?

We can help answer them for you in the comments section below. That is where we are able to keep the conversation going. Without you, our precious readers, we can’t do this!

Sewing machine accessories online can help save time if you purchase from Amazon

How many bobbins come with a sewing machine?

One is usually supplied but I recommend having more.

What is the best type of thread to use?

We recommend topstitching thread since it’s stronger and has less lint than other types. It also comes in many colors too! Numbering the items in a list is not necessary for this blog post, but you may include bullet points if you wish to do so.


Sewing machines are essential tools for any crafter or sewer, and the right accessories can take your projects to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced sewer, having the right tools for the job is essential for getting the job done right.

From threaders and bobbins to needles and scissors, I’ve rounded up my favorite must-have sewing machine accessories to make sure you have everything you need to tackle your next project! I’m sure you’ll find the perfect accessory that will help you take your sewing to the next level.

Write in the comments what you think about it. I’m sure your experiences with sewing machine accessories will be helpful for everyone! Something has been left out? Need to add more content and information about the sewing machine parts price list? Contact me for more.

Best Singer Sewing Machine Accessory Kits

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